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Liquid Coating

Urethanes, Epoxies, Enamels, Lacquers and Water Based Painting

Valmont Coatings' expertise as a full-service finishing source is complemented by their highly diversified product painting facilities. The paint department offers clients a wide variety of coating applications including urethanes, epoxies, enamels, lacquers and water based paints. Valmont Coatings has the experience, equipment and processes to meet industry specific standards to include commercial, military, CARC, automotive, medical, aerospace, and EMI/RFI shielding. 

Liquid coatings are divided into two main groups: water-based and solvent-based. Additionally, many different kinds of substrates can be liquid coated including, but not limited to, metal, plastic, and wood.

Liquid Coating is offered at the following Valmont Coatings locations