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Spin Galvanizing

Superior corrosion protection for small parts

Valmont Coatings offers spin galvanizing in accordance with ASTM 153. Spin galvanizing process is used for small parts like nuts, bolts, brackets, hinges, and washers. The spin galvanizing process places small, metal parts in a tumbler and is then submerged in molten zinc.  The tumbler is then centrifuged to remove excess zinc.  Our state of the art, fully automated spin line delivers consistent quality and even zinc coating for components up to 20” long and 5 pounds in weight.  

Industries served by Spin Galvanizing:
Fastener and hardware

Benefits of Spin Galvanizing:
Environmentally accepted
Provides uniform thickness
Little to no post processing

    Spin Galvanizing is offered at the following Valmont Coatings locations