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 About Valmont Coatings

Global Hot Dip Galvanizing and Coating Solutions

From the United States to Canada, over to Australia, Malaysia and more, Valmont Coatings is a global market and technical leader in Hot Dip Galvanizing. Our 30 galvanizing facilities, strategically positioned around the world, are combined with additional locations that offer Powder Coating, Anodizing, E-Coating and Liquid Painting services, to enable Valmont Coatings to offer you the most comprehensive coatings solutions.

Galvanizing is one of the most effective methods of protecting steel from corrosion. Valmont Coatings offers a range of galvanizing solutions including: Hot Dip Galvanizing, Spin Galvanizing and Mechanical Galvanizing. In addition, our powder coating capabilities provide a high-performance alternative to galvanizing that forms a tough, colorful coating on metal products. Finally, our anodizing capabilities protect aluminum with a wide range of surface finishes that enhance resistance to abrasion and corrosion while reducing surface electrical conductivity.

To add to this extensive list of coating services, Valmont Coatings also offers CorroCote, De-glaring, Liquid Painting, Pretreatment Solutions, Silk Screening, Pad Printing, and more. From steel monopoles and large diameter pipes, sporting goods and computer components, and even parts used in the International Space Station, Valmont Coatings has the coating technology to prolong the life and enhance the appeal of your products. Contact the Valmont Coatings location nearest you to find out more about the services they have to offer.

A Company with a History

As a world leader in steel and aluminum poles for lighting, power and communication, Valmont Industries Inc. recognized early on the value of leading the industry in galvanizing and coatings as well. For many years, the company’s galvanizing facility in Valley, Nebraska met its need for the high quality hot-dip galvanizing that made Valmont Irrigation products the industry standard for dependability and durability.

During the 1990s, Valmont Coatings expanded to meet the growing demand for galvanizing, both internally and from other manufacturers. The Company built new galvanizing plants in West Point, NE and Tulsa, OK while acquiring existing galvanizing operations in Utah, Oregon and California. These new facilities helped fulfill the Company’s internal galvanizing needs at various locations in North America and, at the same time, served the growing worldwide demand for galvanizing.

In the early 2000’s Valmont Coatings branched out and acquired facilities in Minnesota and California that offered powder coating, anodizing, liquid painting and electro-deposition coating. This diversification allowed the Company to better serve their external customer with a more comprehensive list of coatings solutions.

Today, our growth continues and Valmont Coatings provides galvanizing and coating services that extend the service life and aesthetics of everything from computer parts and medical devices to giant monopoles and components used in space exploration. Currently, 85 percent of our business at our 20 North American Facilities comes from thousands of external manufacturers while just 15 percent for other Valmont products. With over 30 facilities around the globe, Valmont Coatings continues the tradition of encouraging innovation and increasing value for customers around the world.