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Workplace Safety

At Industrial Galvanizers we value the safety of employees, suppliers, customers, contactors and visitors to our sites.
We are committed to achieving the highest performance in workplace health, aiming to create and maintain a safe and healthy workplace at all sites.

We will achieve this objective through a risk management approach involving consultation, training, communication, measurement and review.  Industrial Galvanizers will comply with all applicable laws, regulations and standards.

A copy of our Health and Safety Policy is available by clicking on the thumbnail.


Industrial Galvanizers is also conscious of the impact our operations have on the environment.

Employees at all levels are committed to complying with current legislation; the prevention of pollution; and seeking continuous improvement in its environmental performance. 

Industrial Galvanizers will comply with all applicable laws, regulations and standards and continuously improve our environmental performance.  This will be done by assessing the impact of our activities on the environment and implementing appropriate controls.

A copy of our Environmental Policy is available by clicking thumbnail.

NSW Environmental Monitoring Results.  Click this link for Results from NSW sites operating under Environmental Protection Licences.

Click this link for NSW Pollution Incident Response Management Plans


Industrial Galvanizers sites (except Launceston) are certified to ISO 9001: 2008 – Quality Management Systems, and are regularly audited by an independent third party, SAI Global.  All galvanizing work is carried out according to the Australian Standards – AS4680 (for fabricated ferrous articles) and AS1214 (for threaded fasteners).

Industrial Galvanizers’ also operates a laboratory for the routine chemical testing of process tanks and zinc baths.

Details of certification for sites and the laboratory are available by clicking on the thumbnail link (Five Tick Logo).