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Newcastle Kettle Dimensions

Hexham Kettle Size 2015

These are overall kettle dimensions. Other plant and equipment, such as
that necessary for environmental controls, may limit the size of fabrications
that can be dipped. Contact us to ensure fabrications nearing the overall
dimensions can be successfully coated in our facilities.

Key Contacts

NSW General Manager
Michael Shea
Tel: 0428 167 321
Email: mshea@ingal.com.au

Sales Administrator
Aga Ciszewska
Ph: 02 4275 8824
Email: aciszewska@ingal.com.au

Operations Manager
Gary Avery
Mobile: 0425 299 052
Email: gavery@ingal.com.au

Customer Service
Mobile: 0425 299 007

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Hexham Site

Industrial Galvanizers ( Newcastle) is located at Hexham at the junction of the Pacific and New England Highways.

The facility is Quality Accredited to ISO9001:2000 and warrants its hot dip galvanized coatings to meet Australian Standard AS/NZS 4680:2006.

If you require Coating Thickness reports or a Letter of Compliance, please contact our Sales team for details.

Industrial Galvanizers ( Newcastle) has an impressive lifting capacity of 20 tonnes. The galvanizing bath is is designed for processing heavy fabrications but can handle smaller components just as well.

Beams and columns up to 14.5 metres in length can be dipped as a single dip.

Our plants offer a range of service turnarounds to suit your needs, including The Silver Bullet® - our NEXT DAY galvanizing service.  Please contact our Sales or Operations Managers to discuss. 

A pickup and delivery service is available using our fleet of trucks; call us to schedule a delivery.
Our reliable service is backed up by Industrial Galvanizers other galvanizing plants in the NSW network at Sydney and Port Kembla.

Experienced local staff are available to assist with design, technical enquiries and any special requirements related to scheduling and transport.