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Industrial Galvanizers - 2017 Christmas & New Year Closures


The year-end is approaching fast. At Christmas and New Year, Industrial Galvanizers sites give our hard-working employees a well-earned break.  We also carry out necessary maintenance on our plant and equipment to ensure its safety and reliability for the year ahead.  
We want to give all our customers plenty of notice regarding our Christmas and New Year shut-down timetable.  The details for 2017 can be found here.

Kevin Norris: recognising an unsung hero


Queensland-based Kevin Norris was recently recognised for his work in Workplace Health & Safety.  He was nominated for the statewide award by his colleague Edward Foord, and was selected as one of just four finalists in the Return to Work awards.  There were over 320 nominees this year, with the finalists chosen by an expert judging panel. Norris was selected as a finalist because the panel felt his nomination “demonstrated outstanding achievements in rehabilitation and return to work”.

 Norris has taken an innovative approach to returning injured employees to work, and his engagement strategy is working, "Of course, NOT injuring people in the first place is the best outcome for everyone.  When injuries do occur, getting people back to work - and their pre-injury role - as quickly as practical is the next best result," he stated.

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Industrial Galvanizers a Finalist for Prestigious Award

Industrial Galvanizers has been selected as one of four finalists for the Sorel Award, which is presented annually by the Galvanizing Association of Australasia (GAA) in two categories:-  

*  Innovation and Excellence in Galvanizing
*  Process Improvement

Industrial Galvanizers entered its work on Sydney's Star Casino (see earlier News item) refurbishment in the Innovation and Excellence category. Other entries came in this category came from Korvest Galvanizing, Geelong Galvanizing and Nepean Building & Infrastructure. Each entry highlighted the adaptability and flexibility of galvanized steel, whether painted to provide a stunning and long-lasting duplex coating or exposed to provide an imposing and attractive facade.

As 2013 marks the 50th Anniversary of the GAA, this year's award was highly coveted.  The winning entry came from Korvest for their work on major redevelopments of both the Elizabeth and Munno Para stations on the northern Gawler line in South Australia.  It was generally agreed that the entries this year were of a very high standard and each showcased the value of galvanizing. 
The Finalists (from left to right):The Star Multi-Use Entertainment Facility - galvanized structure by Industrial Galvanizers; Thornleigh Golf Driving Range - Nepean; Station upgrades - Korvest; 'Moment' - Geelong Galvanizing.

Galvanizing Guide for Novices

What is Galvanizing?

Galvanizing refers to the coating of steel or iron with zinc, to prevent corrosion. Hot dip galvanizing (HDG) provides thick, durable corrosion protection whereas electro-galvanizing (plating) produces a thinner, less resilient coating. 

Hot-dip galvanizing is one of the most effective ways to protect steel from corrosion. Galvanizing provides proven protection for a wide range of steel products. These include small components and fasteners, as well as fabricated steel structures and architecturally designed buildings. Galvanized products perform well in a range of different environments.

For the technically minded; the zinc coating serves as a sacrificial anode, so that it cathodically protects exposed steel. Simply put,  even if the coating is scratched or abraded, any exposed steel is protected from corrosion by the remaining zinc - an advantage absent from paint, enamel, powder coating and other methods.

Galvanizing is favored as a means of protective coating because of its low cost, ease of application and comparatively long maintenance-free service life.

How is it Applied?

Galvanizing is applied in specialised facilities, using a standardized process and trained operators.


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Industrial Galvanizers Tasmania - what a turnaround!


Of the many changes at Industrial Galvanizers® Tasmania over the past two years, improved turnaround time has been among the most significant. Turnaround time (from drop off to completion of work) was 2 - 3 weeks but now consistently averages 3 – 4 days.

This has been the result of an increased customer focus and great work by the Launceston-based team.  Operations Manager Aaron Harland makes regular customer visits throughout Tasmania.  Industrial Galvanizers (Tasmania) now has a better understanding of customers needs as well as what other galvanized products the Industrial Galvanizers businesses can offer. “We  keep a stock of handrail, grate and guardrail  products from our sister-Companies Webforge® and INGAL®.  The ability to sell from stock is valuable to customers who are working on short lead-times,” says Harland.

An increased customer focus has been only part of the journey so far.  Premises have been improved with an upgrade to the office and on-site facilities.  This has enhanced its appearance and presents a professional and friendly environment. A new phone system has been installed and a national 1300-number adopted for Industrial Galvanizers.  “Customers see us as approachable and friendly - both in the office environment and on the phone,” said Haidee Fox, who combines Customer Service and Administration duties on the site.

Industrial Galvanizers Tasmania provide corrosion protection to steel projects of all shapes and sizes.  If the work cannot be processed on site (e.g. if it is too big) there is a now a well coordinated transport connection with Industrial Galvanizers Melbourne site.

“We are always happy to provide assistance to customers about correct design for galvanizing, and have recently held two seminars on the use of galvanizing for architects, engineers and fabricators,” added Harland. 
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Don't Gamble on Your Coating Selection - The Star Redevelopment.

The Star (Star City) Entertainment Complex, Sydney used galvanized steel for a long life structure

The redevelopment of the Star City Casino (now known as ‘The Star’) beside Sydney’s Darling Harbour is a recent application of Hot-Dip Galvanized (HDG) steel in a high profile project.  The use of architecturally exposed structural steel is becoming increasingly popular, and was a key design feature of the new Multi Use Entertainment Facility.  Given the nature of the design and the high building utilization, a resilient coating was required.  HDG from Industrial Galvanizers was chosen as the project required a corrosion protection system that would remain maintenance-free for at least 10 years.  The durable nature of the HDG coating ensures it will exceed the warranty period, providing a maintenance-free service you can bet on!

The principal builder on the project was Brookfield Multiplex, who engaged ICMP Pty Ltd to manage the innovative construction methodology. Chris Mathews of ICMP says there were a number of challenges and constraints that made the choice of Industrial Galvanizers’ HDG very suitable for this application. 

Hot Dip Galvanized steel was selected for its strength, formability, aesthetics and long lasting corrosion protection. A tight construction schedule and limited storage on-site required a coating that could be applied off site and was not going to be delayed by poor weather. Finally, the principal builder required a guaranteed maintenance-free period of 10 years.

The team at Industrial Galvanizers Girraween (Sydney) plant was able to supply a quality product to schedule, with fast turnaround time, and guaranteed performance. According to Gregg Marks (NSW Sales Manager), "The Girraween team provided quality, service & lead-times that ensured the project was completed without hitch!"

The need for a guaranteed low maintenance corrosion protection system in a marine environment; sequential delivery of off-site prepared steelwork; resistance to on-site handling damage; ability for rapid erection with minimal weather interruptions, and the aesthetic appeal of the industrial galvanized surface all made the choice of HDG steel the best solution for this application.  The coating guarantee provided means that low maintenance is a sure bet! 

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