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Queensland (Lady Cilento) Children's Hospital

  • 1,294 hand basins
  • 2,987 façade panels
  • 16,400 power points
  • 16,562 lights ...

...and the list goes on.

The Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital (LCCH) was opened in November 2014 and brings together the Royal and Mater Children’s Hospitals. It was designed to provide a healing environment and features rooftop gardens and entertainment systems for patients, all of whom are under 18 years old.

This futuristic health care is provided in  a building that makes extensive use of proven and trusted corrosion protection - hot dip galvanizing from Industrial Galvanizers (Brisbane). Click HERE to read the full story.

Queensland Children's Hospital uses galvanizing
 The Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital in Brisbane’s Southbank makes extensive use of hot dip galvanized steel in the outdoor play areas, gardens, underground car park, plant rooms and helipad.  Photo: Industrial Galvanizers

Zinc-on-Zinc: a 'holey' alliance

Officially opened in December 2014, and already in receipt of many Awards, the Melbourne School of Design (MSD) provides a new home for  the University of Melbourne’s Faculty of Architecture, Building and Planning.  The impressive building took just over a year to construct and incorporates 43 tonnes of perforated zinc sheet façade supported by a 50t hot-dip galvanized steel framework from Industrial Galvanizers (Melbourne).  
Site constraints made galvanized steel an ideal construction solution; allowing fast erection on a space-constrained site. 
Long-lasting, minimal maintenance and with a low whole-of-life cost, galvanized steel was the ideal choice to pair with the perforated zinc panels.  The combination has delivered an Award-winning, modern and attractive façade; with hot dip galvanized steel ensuring it remains so for many years.
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Melbourne School of Design Building facade
Perforated zinc sheet louvres supported by a hot dip galvanized steel framework ​cover three sides
of this Award-winning structure - providing filtered natural light and ventilation
Photo: D Reilly - Industrial Galvanizers

Proven Performer Chosen for Defence

Work is nearing completion on the Joint Logistic Unit’s new facilities at RAAF Base Amberley. This project has seen over 1,500t of galvanized steel used in the construction of ten (10) new steel-framed buildings, ranging from an administrative Headquarters facility to vehicle maintenance, weapons storage and repair.

Part of the national, five-year, $750m Defence Logistics Transformation Program; Industrial Galvanizers has provided the protective coating for ten new steel-framed buildings that were constructed over a 12-month period. Read more HERE...

Weapon Storage and Repair facility - RAAF Amberley
Galvanized steel frame of the Weapons Storage & Repair Building. 
Photo: Leighton Contractors / Department of Defence 

Heritage Rail Bridge Refurbished

The rail bridge over the Macquarie River at Wellington, NSW is a critical part of the State rail network.  It provides a link for freight and high-speed passenger services from Sydney to Dubbo in Central NSW.  Originally opened in 1881, the bridge has recently undergone major repairs using hot dip galvanized steel from Industrial Galvanizers.  The entire bridge deck has been replaced, including steel cross-braces, stringers and the timber transoms that carry the rails.  The renovated structure has a design life of 100 years—one of the reasons why galvanized steel was selected for use in this project. Read more here...  

Rail bridge at Wellington, NSW
The new hot dip galvanized bridge deck being rapidly bolted into place at Wellington Bridge
Photo: Industrial Galvanizers

Austin Hospital Car Park Extension, Melbourne

Opened in early 2014, the Austin Hospital Car Park is the latest stage of redevelopment for this long-established site, located in Heidelberg, Melbourne.  Once again, hot dip galvanized steel by Industrial Galvanizers® was specified for use due to its long life, minimal maintenance and low whole of life cost.The six-storey, multi-level extension is a major development for the Austin Hospital and involved the construction of an 18,000 m2 (193,000sq.ft) structure over the existing operational car park. It provides an additional 752 car spaces by utilising a galvanized steel frame and cast concrete structure.   About 1500 tonnes of structural steel was fabricated for the project by Page Steel.  Read more here...



Randwick Racecourse Redevelopment, Sydney

This recent redevelopment of the Randwick Racecourse Grandstands has delivered a visually stunning and long-lasting entertainment and leisure facility that will extend the use of Randwick beyond racing. Costing over $160million, it makes extensive use of steel galvanized by Industrial Galvanizers® (Sydney) that has enhanced the aesthetics and functionality of the new facilities. It will provide long-lasting corrosion protection, allowing the new assets many decades of low-maintenance usage. Now THAT’S a winning combination!! Read more here...

Lifestyle Working Building, Collins St, Melbourne

The Lifestyle Working Building combines innovative design with modern technology and the trusted corrosion protection of galvanizing by Industrial Galvanizers®.
A reliance on natural ventilation and light, solar power, water harvesting and common facilities have created a paradigm shift in commercial office space.
Its design and functionality are already drawing praise from tenants, owners and visitors. The use of a galvanized architecturally exposed structural steel (AESS) frame should ensure many years of comfortable, sustainable and collaborative use.  Read more here...

Tahune AirWalk & Visitor Centre, Tasmania

The Tahune AirWalk  in Tasmania’s Huon Valley was opened in July 2001. It provides a spectacular walk through the forest canopy, which is enjoyed by over 120,000 visitors each year. 
This steel structure was galvanized by Industrial Galvanizers® (Tasmania) in early 2001. Now 13 years old, Industrial Galvanizers has revisited the structure to assess the condition of the original galvanizing. 
Overall, it has lasted longer than its original average life expectancy; and the coating is expected to last for a further 8 - 13 years, based on recent coating thickness tests. Read more here...

The Star Casino, Sydney

The redevelopment of the Star City Casino (now known as ‘The Star’) beside Sydney’s Darling Harbour is a recent application of Hot-Dip Galvanized (HDG) steel in a high profile project.  The use of architecturally exposed structural steel is becoming increasingly popular, and was a key design feature of the new Multi Use Entertainment Facility (MUEF).  Given the nature of the design and the high building utilization, a resilient coating was required.  HDG from Industrial Galvanizers® was chosen as the project required a corrosion protection system that would remain maintenance-free for at least 10 years.  The durable nature of the HDG coating ensures it will exceed the warranty period, providing a maintenance-free service you can bet on!  Read more here...

This innovative project - coated by Industrial Galvanizers - was a finalist in the 2013 Sorel Awards presented by the Galvanizing Association of Australia (GAA).