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Map of Sydney area, showing capability of Corrosion Mapping Model

Corrosion Mapping Model

* Find the durability of a hot-dip galvanized coating
* Most Australian locations
* Interactive map
* Benefit to architects, engineers, steel fabricators

The Industrial Galvanizers Corrosion Mapping Software (CMS) has been recently redeveloped. 

The CMS still allows the user to find an estimated durability for a zinc coating for MOST locations in Australia, along with salt deposition rates, corrosion rates of copper steel, soil corrosivity and embedded energy ('Green' rating) for different material options. 

New Features

The redeveloped CMS features:-

  • Updated maps - ability to select locations through the interactive map; by entering an address;  or using Latitude and Longitude
  • Redesigned user interface showing salt deposition, coating loss (g/m2/year) and average coating life
  • Individual log-in
  • The ability to save and retrieve reports
  • Coating life estimates for a variety of coating thicknesses and exposure positions
  • 'Print' function

Click HERE to launch the CMS.

User Guide

on the thumbnail to download .pdf

Based on environmental data and modelling, it provides a simple model for estimating the durability of galvanized steel, based on geographic location and the element’s position in the structure being evaluated.

If you need more detailed assessment of the environmental corrosivity of a particular location, Industrial Galvanizers can provide additional information. Contact your nearest site (1300 INGALV) with information about your specific project.

Click HERE to launch the CMS.

Software is not yet optimised for touch-screen