Valmont Structures Pvt Ltd,
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MIDC Indapur,Taluka-Pune
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Valmont Coatings is among the country's largest custom galvanizers, serving steel fabrication markets from coast to coast. We have country's biggest Kettle measuring Length 16.3m X Width 2.5 X Height 3.3 m. We are the Lead free Company in India. This added advantage helps us to cater export requirements of our clients.
From steel monopoles and large diameter pipes, Solar Structures, Gratings, cable trays and non-standard structures, Valmont Coatings has the coating technology to prolong the life and enhance the appeal of your steel.

Hot Dip Galvanizing and Powder Coating are the two most effective ways to prolong the service life and enhance the aesthetics of steel structures. As a world leader in steel poles for lighting, power and communication, Valmont Coatings recognized early on the value of leading the industry in galvanizing and coatings as well.

A Company With a History

Valmont Coatings History

Valmont built new facility in 2012, to meet the growing demand for galvanizing, both internally and from other manufacturers. The Company built new galvanizing plant in Pune, India. Today, our growth continues and Valmont Coatings provides galvanizing and coating services that extend the service life and aesthetics of giant monopoles, solar structures, Cable Trays and Gratings.

Valmont's Coatings specializes in hot dip galvanizing to add service life and visual appeal to steel products of all sizes and descriptions. If it's made of steel, Valmont Coatings can make it last longer and look better.