Valmont Structures Pvt Ltd,
A-20, Indapur Industrial Area,
MIDC Indapur,Taluka-Pune
Ph:  912030403831/33

Industry Leader

Valmont Coatings is a market and technical leader in hot dip galvanizing.  With facilities located around the world, we are one of the largest custom galvanizers in the world, serving steel fabrication markets from coast to coast.  Since Valmont Coatings is able to leverage strengths between our various plants, you're assured of receiving not only the best competitive price for your projects, but also the highest value for the money spent.  All Valmont Coatings locations work together to maximize efficiencies, taking into account factors such as location, kettle sizes, and shipping and delivery requirements.  This collaborative process allows us to provide optimal solutions that meet or exceed your customers' project objectives.   

Full Service Coatings Company

Valmont Coatings is a full-service coatings company providing quality surface finishes that extend the service life and improve the appearance of metal products throughout the country.  Through continuous collaboration and innovation, Valmont Coatings has developed quality processes for galvanizing, ground-line protection, painting, powder coatings, anodizing, and imbedded graphics.  The depth and breadth of our coatings services makes Valmont Coatings your "one-stop shop" for all your coatings needs. 

Impeccable Quality

At Valmont Coatings, our material handling personnel and galvanizing technicians are expertly trained in the most efficient galvanizing processes.  Every Valmont Coatings location is held to the highest standards for quality control to ensure the finished product we deliver meets or exceeds customer requirements. 

Quick Turnaround

Valmont Coatings is dedicated to quick turnaround and on-time deliveries for every project.  Due to our quick response times, Valmont Coatings takes up less of a project's overall timeline, thus allowing our customers more leeway in their production schedules. 

Our Promise

At Valmont Coatings, we promise to serve our customers with superior service, impeccable quality, and on-time delivery at the best value possible.