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Hot Dip Galvanizing

American Galvanizing Company centered its focus from the very beginning on service recognizing that there was an immediate need in the Mid-Atlantic sales area for a galvanizer to shorten lead times and provide reliable expediting services.  Consequently, an organization was developed that believed in the old adage that “you are only as good as your word” and worked hard to provide its galvanizing services within agreed upon timeframes.  An expediting form was developed that laid out the timing of the order and, by reserving your time slot, you can have your material galvanized while you wait or overnight.

Providing the finest galvanized products is a philosophy by which AGC stands firm; as illustrated in the number of projects that have won American Galvanizers Association Excellence Awards over the years.   The Quality Control Program ensures that our galvanizing coating stays in compliance with ASTM specifications.  Certifications are readily available that verify that the galvanizing was performed at the appropriate level of the required specification.   Employees at all levels take part in on-going training to stay current with the very latest developments and techniques.

Galvanizing Operation Facts:

Kettle Size:   6′6″ Wide  X  10′ -0″  Deep  X  55′ -0″  Long 
Lifting Capabilities:  (8)  7-1/2 Ton  Overhead Bridge Cranes with remote controls capable of tandem lifting

(8)  7-1/2 Ton  Monorail Kettle Hoists with remote controls capable of tandem lifting

30,000# lifting capacity - can be up to 50,000# if length allows for additional crane spacing
Dipping Capabilities:    Up to 94′-0″ long  (depending on the width and depth of the piece)
Processing Tanks:    (2)  Degreasing Tanks

(4)  Acid Tanks  (Pickling medium - Hydrochloric Acid)
(3)  Water Rinse Tanks
(1)  Flux Tank - (Zinc ammonium chloride solution)
(2) Post Treatment Tanks

Rotoblasting Available:       Cabinet Size:  4′-0″  wide  x  8′-0″  deep
Forklift Loading and Unloading Grounds completely paved for better handling and storage area