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Other Services & Capabilities

Additional Services & Capabilities at Applied Coating Technology


Valmont-Applied Coating Technology offers a wide array of additional services to meet the needs of our customers including: Silk Screening, Pad Printing, Assembly, Sanding, Straight-Lining, Masking, and more.

Silk Screening and Pad Printing

Our state-of-the-art silk screening and pad printing processes allow metal or plastic parts to be printed using automatic or manual presses with multi-color capabilities. Finished components can be air-dried or basked in our temperature controlled ovens.  

Sanding and Straight-Lining

In our Straight-Line department, cosmetic appearances to meet our customer's specific and exact needs are achieved. Medium to fine textured surface finishing on flat or irregular aluminum shapes are produced by stroke sanding or abrasive finishing.


We also provide masking services to include everything from plugging a threaded hole, to complex die cuts and custom fixtures.  

Procurement, Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Since we are often one of the final links in the supply chain, we offer our services to manage the upstream processes from procuring the raw parts and materials to subcontracting the machining and assembly operations in order to provide a finished product.

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