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Powder Coating

Standard & Custom Powder Coating in Mendota Heights, Minnesota


Valmont-Applied Coating Technology is a full-service professional powder coating facility. With a primary powder coat conveyor line that is over 1,000 feet long and includes a seven-step spray wash, two automated and one manual sprayer, rest assured we have the capacity and equipment to powder coat your product the right-way.

To complement our extensive powder coating lines, products are cured in our 150 foot in-line curing oven and each and every piece is inspected prior to packaging. To meet your specific powder coating needs, you can choose from primer coats, clear coats, textured surfaces and a wide array of standard and custom colors for a finish that adds both service life and aesthetic value to your product. 

Valmont-Applied Coating Technology can apply Powder Coatings to parts up to 96" Long x 24" Wide x 60" High on our powder line and parts up to 60' Long x 12' Wide x 9' High in our oversized parts department.

Advantages of Powder Coating
More economical for large runs
Good for thick film applications
Helps conceal surface imperfections
Environmentally friendly
Disdvantages of Powder Coating
Large lot purchase required for custom colors
High masking and clean up costs
Subject to Faraday Cage Effect
Inconsistent recoatability
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