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Pretreatment Solutions

Pretreatment Systems in Mendota Heights, Minnesota


Valmont-Applied Coating Technology specializes in advanced pretreatment systems for aluminum, steel, and magnesium making us a full-service finishing shop and a world leader in the production of quality finishes. We are proudly ISO 9001:2008 certified and adhere to the highest quality standards by ensuring all parts are rigorously inspected throughout each process.

All of the services and solutions we provide are completely scalable to meet the unique demands of your project. Our facility has the capacity to handle both high volume projects and smaller prototype projects.

Pretreatment Options at Applied Coating Technology

Steel Pre-Treatments:

 Iron Phosphate 

Stainless Steel Pre-Treatments


Aluminum Pre-Treatments

Chromate Conversion
Alodine 1200S (Hexavalent Chrome)
Alodine 5900 (Trivalent Chrome)
Alodine 5200 (Non-Chrome) 

Magnesium Pre-Treatments

NH35 (Hexavalent Chrome)
Alodine 5200 (Non-Chrome) 

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