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Color Anodizing

Bright Dip and Etch Color Anodizing in
Los Angeles, California

Valmont-George Industries has specialized in aluminum anodizing for over 50 years.  Our extensive experience coupled with state-of-the-art process control systems and automation programs ensure consistent quality on all our jobs.  We provide a large selection of anodized standard colors that are all available in bright dip and etch (matte) finishes.  We also have the ability to create custom colors for large jobs to meet your specific and exact needs.

Bright Dip Anodize

Pre-Anodize chemical treatment for certain aluminum alloys that chemically brightens the surface achieving a highly reflective finish.

Hard Anodize
Hard-Anodizing is a thicker, more durable and more corrosion resistant coating.


Sulfuric Anodize

Type II, Class I, Per MIL-A-8625F-Clear
Type II, Class II, Per MIL-A-8625F-Colors
Pre Treatments- Bright Dip\Etch
AA\C22 or C23\A21\31\A41 Clear Finishes

Hard Anodize

Type III, Class I, Per MIL-A-8625F-Clear
Type III, Class II, Per MIL-A-8625F-Colors

Conversion Coatings-Chem Film (Alodine and Irridite)

ROHS Compliant

Standard Colors

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