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Eternagraphics & Eternaprint

Specialty Finishes in Los Angeles, California


Eternagraphics is a proprietary, new innovation that creates full-color, photo quality graphics in anodized aluminum, powder coated surfaces, plastics and other substrates.  This process can be applied to complex shapes and is as durable as the anodize, hard anodize or powder coat finishes in which they are integrated.  Whether anodized or powder coated, Eternagrahic finishes are far more durable than silk screens, labels, decals, stencils, or any other standard techniques.  With Eternagraphic finishes, any art or photo can be integrated into the finish on virtually any shape of part.  Let our full staff of Eternagraphic professionals work with you to integrate your existing graphics or help you create entirely new designs.  Your choices are unlimited! 


Eternaprint is a process in which artwork is integrated into an aluminum anodize surface.  Similar to silk screening, it can be applied on flat or cylindrical surfaces.  Eternaprint graphics become part of the anodize and thus are much more durable than traditional silk screening or pad printing.  Let us show you how Eternaprint can extend the life of your graphics!

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