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Military & Aerospace

Military & Aerospace Finishes in
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You only need to make one call for all your Aerospace and Mil-Spec metal finishing call-outs: Valmont-George Industries. We are among the nation's leading aerospace and mil spec metal finishers. We offer a range of approved finishes, with the quality and reliability you need, all within a three-acre facility. Plus, we provide a single production team and sophisticated quality assurance department that thoroughly understands today's aerospace and defense businesses. 

George Industries Military & Aerospace Experience

Valmont-George Industries was chosen by The Boeing Company as the prime anodizer of the International Space Station. The contract required a highly specialized anodize to meet stringent optical requirements, exact masking, chem film, penetrant inspection, dry lube, electroless nickel and rigorous testing and inspection.

Since the day we first began business, we've been an important vendor to military aircraft contractors. Like our other aerospace work, each part number often involves multiple processes: chem film, mask, hard anodize, mil spec spray painting, and part number masking. All of these processes are performed under our roof and under the watchful eye of our quality assurance department.

For years, Valmont-George Industries has been the vender of choice to finish room-sized shipboard gun mounts and turrets for the United States Navy. Aside from requiring highly sophisticated custom tooling and spray application techniques in complete assemblies; we were responsible for masking, chem film, and strictly following rigid and demanding specs for unusual paint finishes.

When decorative commercial aircraft interior trim and hardware must meet exact color matches and finish quality, major airlines come to Valmont-George Industries. They rely on us to meticulously satin and bright polish, bright dip or heavy etch, chem film, anodize or hard anodize. We can even furnish raw stock to spec.

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