Valmont Coatings is a leading provider of hot-dip galvanizing and protective coating services. We are passionate about the services we offer and impact we have on protecting the world's most critical infrastructure. We pride ourselves on being people of integrity who excel at delivering results. Our facilities are continuously seeking out improvement opportunities to ensure we are providing the highest quality possible. Our commitment to our customers and the industry extends beyond our plant walls. From conducting educational seminars to providing fabrication design assistance and visiting job sites, our staff is here to help every step of the way.

For years we have offered corrosion protection for metal, bolstering the durability and lifespan for products seen around the world. Through a strategic network of facilities, Valmont Coatings leverages the opportunity to share best practices to provide customers with the highest quality and most reliable products possible.

Valmont® Industries Inc. (Valmont) began galvanizing operations in Valley, NE to meet the need for high quality hot-dip galvanizing that made Valmont Irrigation products the industry standard for dependability and durability. As the company grew, so did the demand for galvanizing and thus the Coatings division of Valmont was born.

Our rapid expansion has grown to include over 35 coatings facilities in 6 countries and although we still service our internal divisions, the large majority of our work is for external customers.

The primary business focus of our division has always been hot dip galvanizing; however, to keep up with the demand for a diversified coating selection, we have expanded our service offerings to include powder coating, liquid coating, anodizing and e-coating. We now service customers in nearly every industry from Bridge & Highway to Solar & Alternative Energy even Medical, Military and Sporting Goods.