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Large Projects

Industrial Galvanizers has been involved with many large projects – nationwide.  As the largest Australian galvanizing group, Industrial Galvanizers’s national network has provided galvanized steel quickly, on time, to a required schedule - and satisfied quality expectations for long-life coverage and surface finish.

Small Components

Small components such as fasteners and brackets can be galvanized in large numbers using our centrifuge (spinning) process.

Industrial Galvanizers has three spin plants conveniently located in Queensland, NSW and Victoria.

Cash Sales

We do more than large project work! Box trailers, boat trailers, garden ornaments – Industrial Galvanizers can provide a long-lasting protective coating to most steelwork.

Our numerous cash sales customers value our fast turnaround time, FREE technical advice and extensive network.

Long Lasting and Economical

Steel galvanized by Industrial Galvanizers has many applications. The tough, bonded zinc alloy coating is quickly applied in off-site facilities. The zinc coating can last decades with low maintenance. The initial and whole-of-life cost is often less than an equivalent paint system.   Need colour? Galvanizing provides an excellent substrate for painted topcoats.

Architectural Usage

Increasingly, Industrial Galvanizers coated steel is used as an architectural feature of building interiors and exteriors. Providing long-lasting corrosion protection, the texture and colour of galvanized steel blends well with timber, glass and stainless steel. It provides relief from the concrete extensively used in modern building.

Fast Turnaround

Industrial Galvanizers normal turnaround times are 3-5 working days, and we regularly advertise our current performance. We can also arrange fast freight to and from your site.

Want it faster? We have The Silver Bullet® for your needs; this service provides next day delivery* that can help get your project back on track. * (conditions apply)

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