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Virginia Galvanizing

Hot Dip Galvanizing in Petersburg, Virginia

Valmont-Virginia Galvanizing has a long history of providing superior custom galvanizing solutions to the Virginia and Mid-Atlantic Region. Our location at the junction of I-95 & I-85 allows us to provide Galvanizing to any project moving between Maine and Texas. Our modern, 48,000 square foot facility houses our 50’ long x 6’ wide x 9’ deep galvanizing kettle where we can “double dip” sections as long as 75’ or as deep as 17’ and weighing up to 22,000 pounds.

Valmont-Virginia Galvanizing follows ASTM standards and procedures to ensure the highest quality results for our customers. We utilize the most up-to-date process controls to provide consistent results time after time.

Our management team provides customer seminars, both American Galvanizers Association certified and Valmont Coatings type “lunch and learns” on a wide variety of topics including general galvanizing principles, design considerations, specifying hot dip galvanizing, inspection, paint over galvanizing and repair of galvanized coatings. We are also available with assistance in design recommendations for new products and project work. Click HERE to view Virginia Galvanizing's Capabilities.

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Valmont-Virginia Galvanizing's Capabilities

Hot Dip Galvanizing
Paved storage area
Touch up and repair of galvanized products based on ASTM A780 (Zinc rich paint and Solder stick)
Galvanizing Education/ Seminars at your facility
Design consultation for products to be galvanized
Certification to ASTM A123 and A 767
Quick Turns Available
Pickup and delivery
Ability to handle large projects 

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