Galvanized to Protect

Hot-Dip Galvanizing is one of the most cost effective methods of corrosion protection and when you select Valmont Coatings to galvanize your project, you are choosing reliable protection that will last for decades.

Rebuilding our Nation's Infrastructure

Valmont Coatings provides hot-dip galvanizing and duplex coating services that protect our nation's most critical infrastructure.

Keeping You Connected

The Valmont Coatings Connector is the first customer portal in the industry that provides real-time visibility of order status, the ability to resolve action items with a single click, and scheduling for pickup or deliveries. Automatic notifications keep you connected to your parts from anywhere at any time without disrupting your workday.

Comprehensive Coating Solutions

Valmont Coatings extends its service offerings to include Powder Coating, Anodizing, E-Coating and Liquid Coating expanding our ability to meet the requirements for all your projects.

Global Coating Services

Our 30+ coating facilities are strategically positioned across 7 countries, extending our ability to serve our customers no matter where their project is located. This network of facilities also provides us the unique opportunity to implement operational best practices, ensuring consistent results around the world.

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Not all coatings are treated equal and our team at Valmont Coatings strives to educate and work alongside our customers to ensure the proper coating is selected to meet project goals. We offer technical seminars, design assistance and supporting literature.
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Our team attends and exhibits at numerous industry events every year. General Managers and Sales Representatives are on hand to answer questions and talk about the state of the industry.
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Valmont® Industries, Inc.
Valmont® Industries, Inc. (Valmont) is a leading producer and distributor of products for the infrastructure and agricultural markets. We manufacture products from facilities in 23 different countries spread across 6 continents. And, we do business in over 100 different countries.
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