Coating is a critical step in the fabrication process. Its purpose is to protect and enhance the material it is applied to, increasing the lifespan and performance of the product. Coating is also one of the last steps in the production process making the quality and turn-time highly important to achieving schedule timelines. We engage our long history as an industry leader and the vast expertise of over 1,200 employees around the world to improve our processes and consistently provide customers with superior service, impeccable quality and on-time delivery at the best value possible. This is the Valmont Coatings Advantage.

Superior Service

Our passion for the industry is made evident through interactions with our employees. Our sales team is dedicated to expanding industry knowledge through training and seminars and play an active role in the American Galvanizers Association. Furthermore, we are the industry leader in technology and innovation. We listen to our customer’s needs and develop processes to address them before anyone else in the industry. We pride ourselves on the level of service we are able to provide due to our technical knowledge and level of information available at our fingertips.

Impeccable Quality

Our material handling personnel and coating technicians are expertly trained in the most efficient processes. Due to our large network of facilities, we are able to share best practices to provide customers with consistent results no matter which facility they use. Every one of our locations is held to the highest standards for quality control to ensure the finished product we deliver meets or exceeds customer requirements. If an issue ever does occur, our sales staff is always available to answer questions, visit job sites and work with you to resolve the problem.

Quick Turnaround

We are dedicated to quick turnaround and on-time deliveries for every project. We track delivery metrics to identify waste that could extend lead-times and actively develop action plans to address any inefficiencies. We leverage integrated technology to optimize our internal procedures, enabling us to return your material as quickly as possible. Many of our facilities also offer expediting services, please contact your location representative for details.

Our Promise

At Valmont Coatings, we promise to provide our customers with superior service, impeccable quality and on-time delivery at the best possible value. That is the Valmont Coatings Advantage.