Valmont Industries believes that companies that monitor and measure their practices with an eye toward the environment will become better companies and stronger competitors. We have an obligation to be good stewards of our resources. Part of being green is making products last. Valmont's coatings applications provide superior corrosion resistance; protecting products from the elements and making them last longer. Hot Dip Galvanizing, Powder Coating, and E-Coating also offer additional environmental benefits:

Hot Dip Galvanizing

Zinc is essential for life and is one of the highest recycled metals in the world. Vitamin supplements, cosmetics, sun screen and animal feed are just a few of the products benefitting from zinc’s amazing properties. Hot Dip Galvanizing, utilizing zinc, is one of the most effective corrosion solutions for protecting our nations’ critical infrastructure. Our “closed loop” process allows us to recycle nearly all of our by-products into consumable materials. The galvanizing process emits virtually zero “VOC’s” (volatile organic compounds) and has a very small carbon footprint per square foot of steel coated. Galvanizing contains no petroleum based solvents or materials that harm the environment, and after a durable life, Hot Dip Galvanized steel is 100% recyclable. Additional information regarding the sustainability of Hot-Dip Galvanizing is provided by the American Galvanizers Association.

Powder Coating

Powder Coating provides corrosion protection to extend the useful life of coated parts while providing a more environmentally friendly coating solution than Liquid Paint. Liquid finishes contain solvents, which have pollutants known as volatile organic compounds; however, Powder Coating provides an alternative solution. It contains no solvents and releases virtually no VOC’s in to the atmosphere. Powder coating is a clean process, exhaust air from the coating booth is returned to the plant, and much less oven air is exhausted to the outside. Furthermore, the powder overspray in the powder booths can be collected and reused. Disposal of any unusable powder is also very simple.


Electro-Deposition Coating (E-coating) uses no solvents; therefore, there are virtually no VOC’s released through the application process. In an E-coat system, paint resins are suspended in a chemical bath composing of mostly water. This means there is no overspray and almost no waste. Even as the parts are rinsed, the excess resins are reclaimed and recycled into the electro-coat bath, providing customers a reliable, sustainable corrosion protection option.