About Valmont® Industries, Inc.

Valmont positively impacts millions of people around the world every day, yet they might not realize the many ways. Simply put, Valmont is advancing agricultural productivity and reimagining infrastructure to make life better. Our irrigation machines feed more people with less water and fewer inputs, using precision data technology to produce greater yields. We provide power to millions of homes by enabling renewable energy sources and help combat the effects of climate change by hardening the grid with resilient utility structures. And we help make communities everywhere safer, cleaner and more connected with our smart pole technology and traffic monitoring solutions.

That’s what Valmont does. We find ways to make innovation and technology beneficial in the real world — helping to conserve resources and improve life.

+ That’s the value we add.

About Valmont Coatings

Valmont first started hot-dip galvanizing in Valley, NE to fill the demand for high quality corrosion protection that makes Valmont Irrigation products the industry standard for dependability and durability. As the company grew, so did the demand for galvanizing resulting in a new business unit dedicated to protective coatings.

Our rapid expansion has grown to include over 35 coatings facilities in 7 countries and, although we still service the other Valmont Segments, a majority of our business comes from external customers. Our experience extends across a plethora of different industries from bridge & highway to solar & alternative energy- even medical, military and sporting goods. We are making the products and infrastructure all around you stand the test time with quality, protective coatings. 

We offer hot-dip galvanizing, as well as applied coatings (anodizing, electro-deposition, liquid, powder) through one of the world’s largest networks of coating facilities. We also operate the largest galvanizing kettle (by volume) in the world, in Salina, KS. We stand apart from the competition by offering an unparalleled, connected customer experience with real-time order tracking and innovative process controls. Experience the Valmont Coatings Advantage yourself, request a quote today.